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RELIFE Relizema Ultra Hydrating Lotion 400ml


  • 治療不同類型皮膚炎(濕疹) 包括異位性性皮膚炎和接觸性皮炎治療與不同類型的皮炎相關的瘙癢和紅斑
  • 不含類固醇
  • 有助於維持和恢復肌膚屏障
  • 保護和滋潤肌膚,具有舒緩效果
  • 適用於乾燥和敏感皮膚
  • 配方不含香料
  • 降紅 止痕 濕疹 皮膚敏感

RELIFE Relizema Ultra Hydrating Lotion功用

Relizema Ultra Hydrating Lotion 超保濕乳液是一種日常護理乳液,適用於乾燥和敏感皮膚,配方不含香料、對羥基苯甲酸酯、有機矽和石蠟,以最大限度地降低過敏風險。
SK-Influx 由3種不同的神經醯胺和植物膽固醇製成,由於含有三種不同類型神經酰胺的化合物的創新組合,Relizema Ultra Hydrating Lotion 超保濕乳液有助於恢復天然皮膚屏障。
此外,它含有植物油混合物和抗氧化劑(維生素 E)的混合物(橄欖、杏仁、亞麻籽和琉璃苣籽甘油酯以及生育酚),可增加皮膚水分、皮膚彈性和保護皮膚的脂溶性神經酰胺的脂溶性複合物(DERMAXYL)

RELIFE Relizema Ultra Hydrating Lotion 使用方法

在使用 Relizema Ultra Hydrating Lotion 超保濕乳液之前,先使用 Relizema 保濕潔面沐浴油或 Relizema 脂質補充清潔劑清潔皮膚。按一到兩次劑量泵並取少量塗抹在手上,然後輕輕按摩至皮膚完全吸收。

Relief Relizema Ultra Hydrating Lotion is designed to hydrate, moisturise and protect sensitive and dry skin. This ultra-hydrating lotion is a daily care treatment that will restore the skins natural barrier with the help of three different types of ceramides. This lotion has been formulated without any fragrances, parabens, silicones or parbens.

  • Suitable for adults and children
  • Shea butter and glycerine to moisturise dry skin and ease itching
  • Contains unique formulation to restore and protect the skin barrier
  • SK-Influx made of 3 different kinds of ceramides and plant cholesterol
  • OLEOSOFT-4 and mixture of 4 different plant oils and anti-oxidant (Vit E) (olive, almond, linseed and borage seed glycerides along with tocopherol)
  • DERMAXYL is a special complex of lipid-soluble ceramides




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